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The European Institute for the furtherance of Democracy, EID.

The EID was founded in Vienna in 1999 by a small group of likeminded persons to support the endeavours of individuals and organisations struggling for civil democratic society in South Eastern Europe. After the year 2000, the EID began to gradually refocus its activities on EU Enlargement, Integration and Neighbourhood related policy matters. Since the accession of the new member states on the 1st of May 2004 and 1st of January 2007, the EID acts in particular as an advocate for swift and decisive integration of the present members of the EU, as well as constructive and goal-oriented adhesion deliberations with all potential member states.

Today, the EID promotes discourse between European key decision-makers from within and beyond the borders of the European Union. In this, the EID makes ample use of Vienna's perfect position as venue for conference and convergence between East and West.

Acting as clearing house for trans-national projects in the third sector, the EID additionally organises colloquia, seminaries, symposia and conferences pertaining to European integration and perspective. The EID benefits from the guidance of its distinguished Board members from 20 European - EU and non-EU - countries.

For the EID Board

Bernd Baumgartl, president
Mira Jovičić-Plessl, vice president
Gregor Razumovsky, honorary president


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